SWPA Championship Show 2024


Welcome to the home page for the SWPA Championship Show 2024

Over the next few weeks we will adding links from this page to give you a flavour of how the championships will look this year.

Below are some of the competitions and events we will be running. If you follow the links you can take a peak at the provisional time tables. Over the next few weeks we will be adding more items, so watch this space.

Thursday, Friday & Saturday Evening Performances

SWPA RMB Festival – open to Members & Non Members

SWPA Wales & West Festival – open to Members & Non Members

SWPA ‘Show within a Show’ classes – open to Members & Non Members

SWPA Dressage classes Thursday & Friday – open to Members & Non Members

Senior Riders Classes 

Medwin’s Challenge Classes

SWPA Show Jumping 

SWPA Arena Eventing 

SWPA Family Showing Series 

Master Class for Working Hunter 

SWPA Versatility Challenge

SWPA Grand Veteran Championship

SWPA Trekking Classes

Lorry Dog Classes

SWPA Championship Show 2024

Championship Show Schedule 2023

2024 Championship Timetables

Schools Letter

Draft letter to apply for time off for those children in school to attend the Championship Show

Slide Show of 2021 Champions

Slide Show of 2021 championships

What to Wear in an Evening Performance

Schedule Helpful Notes

How would you like to win one of these ???

2021 Championships Show Report - pages 75-77

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